Make It Better – The Best Burgers in the Chicago Area

Every few years I feel motivated — nay, compelled — to compile a list of my favorite new (at least to me) burgers around Chicago. Why not every year, you ask? Because is takes a while to recover from this research, good people. But it’s a sacrifice I make for you. Of course, we don’t live by beef alone, so I’ve also included some killer turkey, lamb, tuna and veggie burgers that shouldn’t be missed. And before you get your panties all in a twist, note that I have not included the usual suspects (hello, Edzo’s, Kuma’s, DMK, Bop ‘n Grill, Au Cheval, et al.) because I have written about them exhaustively in the past. I know they’re there. I worship at their counters. But there are other worthy contenders out there that need your love too. So start eating!


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